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Karl Rohrseitz Zirndorf, Germany

When on December 6, 1881 Mr Karl Rohrseitz gave its name to the company, there were some few plumper and metal-pusher-associated journeymen and some coworkers, wich manufactured small finger rings whith cheap glass bricks, eyeglass frames and reading glasses.The then general economic recovery brought however good yields, so that in the year 1896 the first part of the factory building in the Karlstrasse could be already built.In the meantime the manufacturing had been taken up by cheap "Kinderschlottern" and whistling spinning tops.It is interesting that these toys were exported mainly to India and South America.The even production of "Kinderschlotter"out of sheet metal was an almost exclusive monopoly of some Zirndorfer play goods factories.Therefore also the designation sounding strangely for not inauguration comes "Blechpatscher".In the year 1908 Mr.Fritz Rohrseitz transferred the company and could already in the year 1911 expand the existing company and double the production plant. The staff was extended until 1914 to 60 or 70 coworkers and the export connections to almost all countries in overseas were structured.The first World War brought a nearly complete succumbing of the foreign sales.After end of war the manufacturing of mobile field-kitchen brought the necessary turn over in the first time.The management, always open for the new had found an item with the music box that found good admission in the inland and abroad. Beginning of the thirties the music play goods collection was expanded with the music and choral spinning top.The second World War was again brought a sudden abort of the lucky upward development to the company.By a large personal use of Fritz Rohrseitz and his sons Willy and Karl Rohrseitz succeeded it however to find connection to the recent time.Fritz Rohrseitz belonged to the initial members of the "combination of Bavarian play goods and Christian tree decoration manufacturers".The organization appointed him therfore the honor member.He was considerably involved in the constitution of an export committee after the war and incoming of the international toys show.After that Second World War a widening of the assortment was aimed.Thus the manufacturing of considerable boxes for Nürnberger gingerbread begun before the war was expanded and forced.Additionally different fantasy spinning tops were brought on the market, wich today still belong to the standard program.An electrical washing machine for children was presented 1956 on the toys show.Of course there were small and large difficulties to overcome, but whith a brought in staff and a riskjoyful production management this succeeded again and again.Very important was and is in the future to go on with technical progress and the possibilities of the newtechniques. Dipl .Ing.Rohrseitz is owner of the company since 1970 and becomes management support from his children, Mr.Werner Rohrseitz and Mrs. Reinwald, born Rohrseitz.