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Lorenz Bolz , Zirndorf, Germany

Since November 17, 1880 you can find the entry in the royally Bavarian trade register: Lorenz Bolz, Zirndorf, production of handpressed zinc spinning tops. In Zirndorf, the so-called cord spinning top found its homeland to a Middle Franconian city.The original form of a spinning top is the cone from wood, rotating on a point, wich was propelled with a whip.Disadvantage is, that it requires very much workstation to play with this type of spinning top.Lorenz Bolz came on the idea to provide the spinning top body above with a swiveling hand grip.Children only needed to take off the cord bound around the spinning top body to bring it in rotation. This is the discovery of the Lorenz Bolz and the birthday of the company of the same name in the year 1880. In 1913 the first twisting spinning top of Bolz was developed.The first generation of the today's spinning top was again a discovery from the house Bolz.This invention was announced at the imperial patent office:
"drillingwell-behaved drive devices for spinning tops that are set up on a base with the lower point". In 1907 Peter Bolz, son of Lorenz Bolz, took over the company and lead it into the second generation.Under his area the famous music spinning top was invented and exported into all world.6 to 8 vocal organs produce the famous severa l- voices - spinning-top-tones. In 1937 it gave another advancement-a patent application for a reduction gear, wich releases different groups of vocal organs in the automatic change.The spinning top can deliver a scale of up to 20 tones now.The choral- spinning top was born! In 1949 Anni Henkel, born Bolz, granddaughter of the firm founder Lorenz Bolz, and her husband Dr.Paul Henkel took over the management of the family company that was pulled much by the war and the difficult post-war period.Albert Bolz, brother of Mrs. Henkel, did not came back from the 2. World war. In 1952, a further Bolz patent went around the world.The top music by the actual song spinning top.Under the management of Dr.Paul Henkel and his wife Mrs.Anni Henkel the company Bolz was promoted to one of the prominent spinning top manufacturing firms in the whole world.To sheet metal production the plastics processing came. Mrs.Elisabeth Eberlein, daughter of Anni and Paul Henkel, leads the enterprise since 1973. Cover over hundred years after establishment of the enterprise the assortment is of 40 spinning tops, 16 music doses, roundabouts, pulling toy and saving doses.